Amanda Jones Counselling
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Counselling for children

Counselling for children and teenagers in Bristol

After a lifetime caring for my own and other people’s children, I feel very comfortable in their company. I have experience in working with children with such issues as:

  • low self esteem
  • anger management
  • bullying and cyber bullying
  • bereavement
  • exam stress
  • secondary school transfer
  • sexuality
  • relationships
  • school exclusion
  • self-harm
  • career and FE choices
  • family break up

I also have experience in working closely with children and younger people with Asperger Syndrome, Fragile X and Dyslexia. 

Like adults, children benefit from working in a supportive, respectful and non-judgemental relationship, though they may need more than talk to express their feelings.

Tel: 07855215509